The Takeaway

  • Improved team functioning
  • Better internal communication
  • Greater employee motivation and job satisfaction
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reinforced group goals and direction


Igniting Communication offers music programs for business meetings, seminars and special events, including entertainment services. Programs are tailored to fit each client’s needs and objectives.

We offer collaborative songwriting and music workshops in a structured environment that facilitates group functioning, encourages participants to share ideas and builds strong teams. Our workshops are engaging and entertaining, yet serious work is going on. Participants learn to release and channel creative energy and use it to strengthen problem solving abilities and sharpen communication skills. No musical skills are required to participate in our programs, just the desire to learn and have fun.

Two Types of Workshops

Team Building: Working in teams, participants write song lyrics on subjects of their choice. Team members experience the excitement of creating songs together, hearing them put to music and performed by us on the spot. (Group members may perform with us, if they desire). The workshop provides a comfortable environment in which participants are free to experiment without fear of being judged.

Theme Building: This workshop is linked to corporate initiatives such as new product launches or marketing campaigns. Participants write themed songs which are then performed at a company conference. Conference attendees experience the excitement of hearing each other’s songs performed for the whole company. In this way, the workshop becomes a vehicle for group members to join together to celebrate and reinforce their group spirit.

We offer special programs for conferences, general sessions and other large format meetings. Learn More »

The Igniters perform at company functions or events. We can either provide songs ourselves or use the songs created by employees during the Theme Building workshops. This is a fun way to reinforce the lessons of the workshop and build team spirit. A two-piece band or a larger dance band is available.

Custom Services
We offer customized consulting services based on our unique combination of skills and experience. These services include: Executive Coaching (Manager/Employee, Manager/Manager); Conflict Resolution Facilitation; Marketing Communication; Virtual Workshop.



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