Here’s what Alex Tapnio, senior manager, national programs for the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, says about All Lit Up:

“Your generosity and willingness to share personal insights and information significantly enriches the Alliance’s mission to provide guidance and support to these talented young people. The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful to be working with you.”


Blues Songwriting Program

All Lit Up offers collaborative blues songwriting workshops in a variety of settings for people of all ages. Participants share ideas, work as a group and compose theme-based songs which are then put to music All Lit Up plays. No musical skill is necessary although people can participate musically if they wish. These workshops are ideal for schools K-12, senior programs and other service oriented facilities.

Blues is an original American art form that is the bedrock for many types of popular music, including rock, hip hop and jazz. Based on folk traditions, it is easily accessible and appealing. By using blues as the basis for songwriting exercises, All Lit Up provides a rich historical and cultural context for participants.

The workshops are lively and entertaining, yet serious work is going on. We use the inherent appeal of music to engage, involve and stimulate workshop attendees. Making music as part of a group creates a feeling of community and a mutually shared experience.

Music has its own structure and rules, providing opportunities for participants to relate in many different ways in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. Communication skills are strengthened because the more the group members co-operate, the better they are able to create a song. For students, there are significant educational gains. Benefits for seniors include a sense of community and social interaction.

All Lit Up is a creative partner in Scholastic Inc.’s Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. They have presented their Blues Songwriting Workshop for two consecutive years to the winners of The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, receiving high marks from students and parents who attended the Workshop.

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